"Een frisse ochtendwandeling ..."

Amsterdam CS to Schinkelbos

We started our pilgrimage, “The Pilgrims Path,” a 450 km long-distance walk from Amsterdam to Maastricht. We completed the first 18km walk through Amsterdam and the Amsterdamse Bos.

I experience my homeland quite differently now after living for almost 14 years abroad. Services you take for granted once you don’t have access to them. Affordable, reliable public transportation is one of them.

Amsterdam was quiet and beautiful. It has a different feeling now that only a few tourists are walking around due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Many locals enjoyed the sunny fall weather in “het Vondelpark,” “het Amsterdams Bos,” and “het Bloesempark,” the newest park in the area (since 2000).


Sunday, November 8, 2020


12.24 miles
19.70 km

Moving Time



17 to 18°C
cloudy, no rain