"De Regte Heide - Goirle

A Walk at De Regte Heide - Goirle

After celebrating my friend’s birthday with an extensive lunch, we all wanted to go outside to walk the extra food off and get a bit of fresh air. Our friends suggested visiting the nature reserve “De Regte Heide,” their place to go when they want to go for a stroll on the weekends. For us, it was an excellent opportunity to visit and explore a new area. After a short drive, we arrived at the parking lot at the edge of the reserve.

The Regte Heide – Goirle is located a few kilometers south of Tilburg, close to the Belgian border, and is approximately 250 hectares in size. The Regte Heide is a unique nature reserve surrounded by the Oude Leij and Poppelsche Leij stream valleys with heathland and forests. The entire area is home to numerous species of plants, butterflies, and birds. What makes the place a one-of-a-kind preserve are the historic Celtic burial mounds from the Bronze Age that can be found here: indicating that Celtic settlements existed here from 2000 to 700 BC.


Like us, many other walkers enjoyed this Saturday’s chilly sunny winter weather. We did not follow one of the tracks, but our friends guided us through the area, pointing out several highlights. So, we enjoyed this pleasant walk with the wide-ranging views of the heathlands and each other’s company!


Saturday, February 28, 2023


2.19 miles
3.52 km

Moving Time



3 °C,
sunny, light breeze