Saying Goodbye Again!

A long drive from Monterey, CA to Redding, CA.

In two days, we drove from Monterey, CA, via Redding, CA, to Milwaukee, OR, a total of about 740 miles. We loved the no-hassle, pet-friendly Red Roof policy because we were accepted immediately without extra charges. With other hotel chains, we often had to call first to confirm our request to stay with a pet.


A long drive from Redding, CA, to Milwaukie, OR

Thankfully, on both days, we had clean, snow-free roads. The views were breathtaking. This short video only gives a small impression of the many beautiful sceneries along HW-5. The video is from Mount Shasta in front of dark skies.


December 11, 2022
December 12, 2022


about 325 miles
about 415 miles

Moving Times

about 6 hours
about 8 hours


51 to 55 °F, clouds, mist