Visiting Monterey, CA

A Short Stroll at The Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, CA

Our stay in Monterey, CA, was planned as a short last-minute break during our long-distance drive back home to Oregon. The weather here in Monterey was dramatically different as we went from experiencing calm, clear blue skies and a warming sun to dark clouds, storms, and pouring rain. However, we made the most of it by visiting The Old Fisherman’s Warf in Old Monterey. We explored the wharf, admired the boats, and indulged in some seafood.
Amidst the gloomy weather, there was a silver lining. Mother Nature treated us with a never-ending rainbow above the Pacific Ocean. The beauty of the rainbow and its vibrant colors were mesmerizing. We strolled around and enjoyed the wildlife in and above the ocean for as long as possible. We spotted a few sea lions frolicking in the water and watched seagulls flying high up in the sky. But when it started pouring, we cut our outdoor excursion short and hurried back to the hotel.


We spent the remainder of the day indoors, enjoying the peaceful sound of the rain. We plan to revisit this area next year. Our first glimpse of the area looked very promising, so we look forward to staying longer and exploring more of what Monterey, CA, offers.


Saturday, December 10, 2022


2.54 miles

Moving Times

1:01:46 hours


65 °F, fresh breeze, clouds, rain