The Journey Continues ...

Time to Say Goodbye ...

It was a bittersweet goodbye this morning as we hit the road again. The past four days in Hillsboro had been filled with housesitting three adorable pets, Thera, Clarke, and Mae. This morning started with an early walk for Mae. I got in 2.5 miles around the neighborhood, soaking up the crisp, early Hillsboro air. Mae seemed aware that it was our last walk for the time being. She lingered a little longer than usual, taking her time doing what she always loves doing, happily sniffing every tree.

Hello To A New adventure!

At home, I also spoiled the cats with enough hugs until September, when we return to the area. We gently gathered Hemmes, our experienced traveling cat, and finally pulled out of Hillsboro at 8:15 a.m. We headed east on I-84 to Boise, Idaho, for a one-night layover. The drive through the Blue Mountains was spectacular, with sometimes sun, sometimes snow, and sometimes rain. As we crossed the state line into Idaho, our phones automatically adjusted to Mountain Time!


After a scenic 8-hour, 444-mile drive, we reached our destination in Boise, Idaho. A loud thunderstorm welcomed us at the hotel, instantly discouraging our planned walk downtown. We opted to relax and have dinner in the room. Thankfully, having explored Boise’s highlights during our visit in April 2021, a cozy night in with dinner wasn’t a sacrifice at all.


Thursday, March 28, 2024

Moving Time

about 8 hours


444 miles


rain, snow, sun

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