The Eye of Jan Veth

Jan Veth: A Multifaceted Artist

Jan Veth was a Dutch artist (1864-1925) whose artistic journey went far beyond a single medium, making him a significant figure in the Dutch art scene.

Artistic Expression with Paint and Ink

Veth’s claim to fame as a painter lies in his masterful portraits. He could capture an insightful and realistic portrayal of his subjects. His talents extended to printmaking, creating etchings and lithographs that showcased his artistic vision in a different form.

Writing: Insights and Ideas

Veth’s perceptive eye wasn’t reserved solely for his work. He was a respected art critic and writer who offered insightful commentary and analysis on the works of his contemporaries. For example, Veth was one of the first critics in the Netherlands to see the talent of Vincent van Gogh. He also was an excellent writer, expressing his thoughts and ideas about art on paper.

History and Future: Preservation and Education

As a dedicated advocate for preserving historical monuments and buildings, Veth recognized their cultural significance and fought to ensure their survival. He shared his extensive knowledge and experience as a Professor Extraordinary in the History of Art and Aesthetics at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.

A Deserving Recognition

Strangely, Jan Veth is less well known today than some artists about whom he wrote, such as Breitner and Isaac Israels. This fantastic exhibition in the Dordrechts Museum proved he was as talented as his more famous contemporaries. With this exhibition, the Dordrechts Museum has helped to shed light on a truly remarkable artist.


Sunday, March 26, 2023


Dordrechts Museum


Museumstraat 40
3311 XP Dordrecht


The Eye of Jan Veth
(18 februari - 3 september 2023)