Hanseatic Cities Path

SP11 Zwolle to Kampen

Today we walked the last stage of the Hanseatic cities’ path, the SP11 Zwolle to Kampen leg!

After eating a delicious breakfast at Hanze Hotel Zwolle, we were hiking again around 9 am. 

This time the Peperbus was clearly visible. The weather cleared up, and we enjoyed the stunning Dutch skies. Walking on the floodplains, large cargo ships seemed to float over the land. We were rewarded with a breathtaking view of Kampen.

The Hanseatic Cities Path ended on a beautiful square in downtown Kampen; we could not find a memorial plaque to commemorate our achievement. So, the selfie of the two of us on that square has to suffice 🙂

Compared to yesterday’s hike, this last leg was a very picturesque route along the IJssel through the floodplains and over the dikes.


Again, we added another beautiful memory to our bucket list: completing the Hanseatic Cities Regional Trail, SP11, through the IJssel Valley Delta.

Feeling thankful and blessed!


Thursday, March 23, 2023


14.02 miles
22.56 km

Moving Time

5:19:14 hours


11 °C,
moderate breeze,