Hanseatic Cities Path

From Zwolle to Hasselt

We started our SP11 day trip I from Zwolle to Hasselt at Zwolle station around 9 am.

In the Spoolderbos, a heron watched us anxiously! Just after I photographed it, it flew away. 

We walked along old or young neighborhoods on one side and green meadows with distant and wide views on the other side. Just past the Milligerplas, we walked towards Zwarte Water. On the dike, we had beautiful meadows and river views. The dike road between some century-old houses was very narrow, which might have been the reason why we didn’t see any cars driving there. 

We entered Hasselt through a dull industrial area with large buildings.. However, the bridge over the Zwarte Water offered a magnificent view over the river and Hasselt. The town itself was certainly worth a visit. Hasselt still breathes the significance of a Hanseatic city.


This SP11 day trip I has been our least favorite walk of the Hanseatic Cities Path. It gave us some spectacular sceneries over the Zwarte Water and Hasselt, but only after walking many miles through less exciting areas though.


Wednesday, March 22, 2023


13.77 miles
22.16 km

Moving Time

4:49:58 hours


11 °C,
moderate breeze, rain