Netherlands National Glass Museum , Leerdam

An Educational Day at The Netherlands National Glass Museum

My friend and I drove to Leerdam, the glass capital of the Netherlands since 1765, to visit the National Glass Museum. The museum, founded in 1953, tells about the history of glass and the glassmaking process.

At one location, two connecting 19th-century villas house a tremendous glass collection! Glass from the ancient Roman era to today’s contemporary art glass. Dutch glass and glass from countries worldwide. Glass art pieces and simple kitchen glassware.

We learned that the former director of the glass factory in Leerdam, P.M. Cochius, wanted to produce affordable, functional, yet beautifully designed glasswork. With the help of the creative minds of Berlage and Lloyd Wright, he managed to accomplish his goal. Cochius’ factory also produced unique artwork pieces by Dutch glass artist A.D. Copier.

We saw the glassmaking process in a different location, downtown Leerdam. At this location, the Glassworks Leerdam, the glassblower created a stunning vase, perfectly to my taste; I have five similarly shaped decorative vases at home. I might have bought and taken it back home if it had been for sale in the store.


Tuesday, March 14, 2023


National Glass Museum

Lingedijk 28-30
4142 LD Leerdam


Glass Studio

4141 BE Leerdam


The Glassmaking Process