"A Land Born of Fire & Water"

Thousand Springs Scenic Byway

And boom, the temperature dropped overnight. It was cold, and the wind gusts made it feel freezing. Too cold and too windy to go out for a hike, but perfect weather for a scenic 67 miles long drive, the “Thousand Springs Scenic Byway, A Land Born of Fire & Water.”
The Byway started with a sudden magnificent viewpoint of the massive Snake River Canyon Overlook. The Hagerman Sheep Monument commemorates the sheep industry’s critical role in southern Idaho. Following the Snake River, thousands of springs flowed off the canyon walls. The water of Niagara Springs appears to come right out of the mountain! What a fantastic and unique sight!

Since we visited these Shoshone Falls two days ago, we skipped the drive to Twin Falls. We made the last stop before driving home at the Hansen Bridge, with a spectacular view of the Snake River and a bottomless canyon.


Monday, March 29, 2021


67 miles

Moving Time

2 hours


41°F, chilly, strong wind