Tryon Creek State Natural Area​

A Preserve in The Middle of the City!

Our current Airbnb is beautifully located in the West Linn Hills. However, the street in front of the home is not suited for running or walking.  So, we went a couple of times to Tryon Creek State Natural Area to do our daily workout activities and to get our nature fix.

Around the 1960ties, dedicated locals prevented further building development of the area resulting in that today, Tryon is a beautiful green oasis near Portland with miles of well-marked trails.

I joined hubby to go to Tryon Creek State Natural Area – Oregon, he would run, and I would walk and take pictures using many of the features of my Sony 6300!

I joined hubby again to go to Tryon Creek State Park. I forgot the time and didn’t realize I had walked further than planned, so I ran back to the car, where he was already waiting for me.

I spent the day with my friend Pattie. First, we went for a coffee in downtown Lake Oswego. Sitting on a public bench, enjoying the warm spring sun and a chocolate croissant, we chitchatted about the five months, we hadn’t seen each other. 

About one hour later, we went to Tryon Creek State Natural Area and walked off the extra calories by doing a 5 miles hike with steep climbs. 


Afterward, we enjoyed a late lunch in West Linn at a local restaurant and enjoyed a local white wine.

We missed an hour due to Daylight Saving Time. We went for an early walk because Tryon Creek State Natural Area is popular with runners and hikers, and we still prefer a quiet hike!

Afterward, we went to grab some groceries at the neighborhood Wal-Mart store. Our youngest called, and we chitchatted for about an hour. He looks forward to COVID being gone: to socialize and enter a classroom again. We understand; we count the days as well!

I started the day by completing a 5k in Tryon. It has been a while since I was able to run 3 miles. I am glad I did. It feels good to get the heart rate up again. I ran on the bike trail to avoid tripping over branches. When COVID is behind us, I would love to participate in running meets again, especially 10k’s and half-marathons! 


03/10/21, 03/11/21
03/12/21, 03/14/21


3.24 miles

Moving Time

1 hour


Perfect for A Walk, Run or Hike