Portland Japanese Garden

Finally Visiting Portland Japanese Garden

I started the day by completing a 5k in Tryon State Park. It had been a while since I was able to run 3 miles. I am glad I did; it feels good to get the heart rate up again. I was running on the bike trail avoiding tripping over branches. When COVID is conquered, I want to participate in running meets again, especially 10k’s and half-marathons! 

Although we lived in the area for almost two years, we had never visited the Portland Japanese Garden. And since it is mentioned as one of the things you must do in Portland, we checked if it was open and ordered tickets online for the 2:30 pm time slot. We were glad we visited. Despite the rain, it was beautiful, quiet, and serene! I believe the garden must be even prettier later in spring when all the trees will start to bloom. 


Monday, March 15, 2021


2.28 miles

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48 °F
Rainy, Cloudy