Hiking in Mary S. Young Park

A Forest Haven by The Willamette River, Mary S. Young Park

For the first time since we arrived in West Linn, we visited Mary S. Young Park. The park had just reopened after being closed caused by a devastating ice storm a few weeks earlier. The evidence of the storm’s impact was still visible. Trees had snapped like twigs due to the weight of freezing rain.
We followed the trail down to the stunning Willamette River. The views of the water were breathtaking, and the sunlight reflecting on its surface was sparkling. The serene atmosphere enchanted us as we stood by the banks, watching the river flowing slowly.
As we continued the winding trails, we couldn’t help but wonder about the park’s history. Dedicated in 1973, it was a generous gift to the state from Mary S. Young, a passionate advocate for green spaces. Her vision was to preserve this natural sanctuary for everyone to enjoy.
She definitely accomplished her objective.


March 18, 2021, March 22, 2021
& March 23, 2021


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54 - 57 °F, light breeze