Lassen Volcanic National Park - Day 3

Sulphur Works & Ridge Lakes

We couldn’t get enough and visited Lassen for a third time! Just one more post about this amazing park.

On our last day in this magnificent park, we walked to Viewpoint Sulphur Works, an area with bubbling mud posts (smelling like rotten eggs), hot springs, and steam vents, and continued immediately with the Ridge Lakes Trail. The steep Ridge Lakes Hike led through colorful meadows to a beautiful alpine lake at the top.

Scars by The Dixie Fire

We then drove to a different area in the park, to the Cold Boiling Lake Trail and the Kings Creek (Falls) Trail, which both recently reopened. These trails are two of the many in Lassen Volcanic National Park damaged by the extreme Dixie Fire in 2021. The areas are still a sobering sight. However, between the blackened trunks, I saw nature’s resilience. Wildflowers and grass bloomed, causing small wildlife to return, like the little hummingbird moth.


Tuesday, August 1, 2023


7.27 miles

Moving Time

about 3.5 hours


85 °F, sunny, light breeze