Mendocino, CA

Mendicino, CA, A Town Steeped in History

Mendocino, California, is more than just charming; it’s a historic gem recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. This quaint town offers a captivating glimpse back in time. Our exploration began at the Ford House, one of Mendocino’s oldest structures. This historic landmark now houses a museum, offering a window into the city’s intriguing past.

Inside the museum, we learned about Mendocino’s history. Two centuries ago, it was a bustling coastal town with over 30,000 loggers who fueled the booming timber industry. Today, the city is a living testament to that era, with beautifully preserved Victorian houses. Adding to the town’s historical charm are the iconic 19th-century wooden water towers. These ingenious structures were once vital to the community, ensuring a steady supply of clean drinking water.

Mendicino Headlands State Park: A Hike to Remember

Our Mendocino adventure continued along the Pacific Ocean’s rugged shoreline, following part of the Mendocino Headlands Trail. This path meanders through the 347-acre Mendocino Headlands State Park, a natural heaven surrounding Mendocino. The hike offered breathtaking views of two postcard-perfect beaches—Big River Beach and Portuguese Beach—with pristine white sand and a mesmerizing teal-blue ocean. Scenic cliffs with hidden coves caused by the never-ending relentless waves pounding the shoreline and vibrant red ice plants covering the cliffs completed this picture-perfect moment.


Wednesday, November 8, 2023


5.40 miles

Moving Time

2:12:30 hours


71 °F, light air, sun