North Cascades National Park - Day 2

The Blue Lake Trail

On our second and last day in North Cascades National Park, we started with the Blue Lake Trail. I expected a challenging hike since we had to climb 1100 feet in about 2.4 miles to reach Blue Lake. 

However, the roots-and-rocks trail had a steady incline, which was not demanding. On our way to the lake, we enjoyed spectacular views, small waterfalls, and spring flowers. We knew we were closer to the lake when we saw the Liberty Bell Group emerging. Other hikers had brought their dog that was suddenly staring at the mountainside, and when we looked in the same direction, we saw a white mountain goat staring back at us. The blue alpine lake surrounded by huge granite peaks was simply gorgeous. We changed our plans to eat our homemade lunch at the lake because we were the ones getting eaten by mosquitoes!

The Rainy Lake Trail

The second trail we walked was the Rainy Lake Trail. This was an easy 2 miles roundtrip over a paved path to another mountain lake. This short trail winds through a forest first and ends at the stunning Rainy Lake, which is yet another mesmerizing alpine lake.
Hiking through North Cascades National Park’s wilderness is a different experience than just driving the scenic route through the same area. Only then can you experience the wild and remote nature. I loved wandering around this rough, remote national park for two days.


Sunday, June 28, 2023


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2.35 miles

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73°F, sunny
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