James Irvine Trail, Redwood National and State Parks - Day 1

The James Irvine Trail Gives A Captivating Journey Through A Green Wonderland.

We were excited for a long day of hiking the James Irvine Trail, a 10.4-mile out-and-back trail in the Redwood National and State Parks. The path winds through forests with giant Sequoia trees touching the sky to the hidden gem, Fern Canyon.

Fern Canyon

The canyon is a narrow gorge with towering walls covered in primal, green ferns. Its Jurassic Park-like setting made it a famous filming location for movies about dinosaurs. The towering ferns and lush vegetation indeed made us feel like we had returned to a prehistoric world where dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

Embracing the Majestic Redwood Giants

Walking through these ancient forests, where trees have stood for centuries, was a humbling experience that made us feel small and reinforced the awe and respect we always feel for nature’s excellence.

If only these old-growth giants could speak, what stories of the past would they tell us?


Saturday, August 5, 2023


11.28 miles

Moving Time

4:46:54 hours


59 °F, clouds, light breeze