Lady Bird Johnson Grove & The Big Tree
Redwood National and State Parks - Day 2

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

We drove early to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove trailhead on Bald Hills Road near Orick, California. Although parking can be full, we were fortunate to find a spot that had just opened up. With its towering old-growth trees reaching over 300 feet, the grove was dedicated in 1969 by President Richard Nixon to his wife, former First Lady Bird Johnson.  She served “the cause of preserving and enhancing America’s natural beauty for the enjoyment of all people.”

The Oohl/Yurok People

The sign with the message “Ladybird Johnson Trailhead is located on the land of the Oohl/Yurok People. The name of this place is Toh Won” created an understanding that these indigenous Yoruk, “Land of the Redwood,” people had taken care of these forests for millennia. When European settlers took their lands in the 19th century, they destroyed these old towering giants in masses. They consequently disrupted and tried to irradicate the culture of Native Americans.
However, today, descendants of the Yoruk People play a crucial role in managing the redwoods today. They now have a voice in protecting their lands and maintaining their cultural heritage.

The Big Tree

Our hike continued along “The Big Tree Trail,” aptly named for its star attraction, the magnificent “Big Tree” itself. This colossal redwood is estimated to be over 1,500 years old, stretches 290 feet toward the sky, and has a circumference of 75 feet.
While awe-inspiring, the experience differed from our envisioned serene connection with nature. As expected during peak season, the trail was bustling, diminishing the peace we desired amidst these ancient giants. Nevertheless, visiting the “Big Tree” left us in awe and a new appreciation for the less-traveled paths we love to hike.


Monday, August 7, 2023


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