White Water Rafting
Jackson Hole, WY

Road Trip 2008 - Day 8


White Water Rafting!!!

We headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to try wild water rafting! After going on many hikes, they wanted “something more exciting”!

We left early in the morning and drove through a scenic area, passing the Grand Teton Mountains! We arrived early in Jackson Hole and made reservations for the afternoon raft. We had plenty of time to visit Victor, Idaho, to have lunch there, and for the sole purpose of adding another state to the list. We didn’t have time to explore Idaho, but we will certainly go back.

Back in Jackson Hole, we still had some time left over. We saw the picturesque Town Square with distinctive archers and the famed Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

However, we were all excited when we could start our 3-hour whitewater raft adventure through 8-mile whitewater in the Grand Canyon of the Snake River. Our guide began with safety instructions on how to paddle through the rapids! We loved it all! The Snake River Valley offered fantastic scenery and easy and difficult rapids that soaked us to the bone. We liked our humorous guide, who seemed to enjoy his summer job. Before we knew it, three hours had flown by.


Afterward, we changed into dry clothes and returned to Bridge Bay Campground. We arrived around 8 pm, but since we were all exhausted, we didn’t have a campfire but jumped straight into sleeping bags!


Saturdag, August 9, 2008


Roundtrip, about 275 miles

Moving Time

about 6 hours


43 to 81 °F