Yellowstone Park, WY - Day 4

Road Trip 2008 - Day 7


Yellowstone NP, WY

The boys wanted a day of rest after almost a week of traveling. No driving, no hiking, just some swimming in Lake Yellowstone. Unfortunately, the weather had changed, and the sun did not show itself almost all day. Also, they did not know that the water was SOOOO cold. Around 10.00 am, instead of staying near the lake all morning, they returned.

However, sitting near the tents all day was dull, so we drove around to see another part of the park with beautiful falls (including the Firehole Falls). We all came to the same conclusion: you enjoy Yellowstone Park more when you hike. You can see many more scenic and unique places. It is not that crowded with people who just step out of their cars, take a picture, and continue driving to the next stop.


We went out for dinner in a luxurous restaurant in the hotel nearby our campsite that evening. After everyone had taken a long shower and put on fresh, clean clothes, we headed to the restaurant and had a terrific meal. Also, the lake view was magnificent. It was as if the trees on the other side of the lake were made of silver, glowing white.


Friday, August 8, 2008


Rest Day

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Rest Day


50 to 64 °F