A Splendid Afternoon at Lakeridge Winery, Clermont

We visited the largest winery in Florida, Lakeridge Winery on the hills of Clermont, a family-run company that started in 1989. First, we saw an informative video presentation about its history, the Florida Muscadine grapes, the complete wine-making process, and the bottling and labeling of the wines. Then the tour continued outside to the production area and the picturesque winery.
The several Lakeridge wine samples tasted exquisite, and we ended up picking up only one bottle to celebrate our vacation in the apartment because we couldn’t take more bottles home to Naperville due to the strict airport rules.
Afterward, we went to Orlando, wanting to visit a museum. However, without the brochure and address we had forgotten to bring, we could not find its location, and instead, we only wandered around downtown Orlando before returning home and spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing near the swimming pool.



Sunday, August 5, 2007


about 40 miles

Moving Time

1 hour


75 - 95 °F,
humid, moderate breeze