Other Highlights in Little Rock, AR

A Golden Dome in Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is the center of Arkansas’ government, so we had to check out the state capitol! Construction using prison labor took forever between 1899 and 1915. The building felt familiar. That’s not a surprise; it is a three-quarter-sized replica of the U.S. Capitol Building in D.C. 
Labor might have been cheap, but the materials used weren’t. The marble floors and walls came from Vermont, the columns came all the way from Colorado, and the grand staircases were built with Alabama marble. The six 10-foot-tall doors are made of bronze, and the top of the dome is covered in 24-karat gold leaf. When the building was completed, instead of the maximum of 1 million dollars, 2.3 million dollars were spent!
I was also impressed with the capitol’s grounds.  It is a beautiful, well-maintained park with tall trees, green lawns, and powerful memorials. The Arkansas Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the “Testament,” and the Civil Rights Memorial were incredibly moving.

The Old State House, A Historic Gem!

We also visited the beautiful and restored Old State House Museum in downtown Little Rock along the Arkansas River. It’s the oldest state capitol building west of the Mississippi River. In 1908, thanks to a successful campaign by the Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs, the Old State House was saved from demolition and preserved for future generations.


Since its start in 1833, the building and grounds have witnessed key moments in Arkansas history. Here, Arkansas officially became a state in 1836. It was also the site of the state’s secession vote to join the Confederacy. In more recent history, the Old State House gained national and international attention when Bill Clinton celebrated his 1992 and 1996 presidential election victories with supporters on the front lawn.

Unexpected Gems along The River!

What a beautiful stroll along the Arkansas River in Riverfront Park in downtown Little Rock! We expected scenic views of the slowly flowing river and its bridges, the modern Broadway Bridge and the historic Junction Bridge. However, the riverfront surprised us with a hidden gem: the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden.
This garden’s story began in 2004 with a local sculpture art show. Its success sparked the creation of a permanent space for artistic expression. The garden’s shaded areas provided a sense of peace, with glimpses of the downtown skyline, adding a touch of urban city energy. The natural beauty intertwined with modern and historic elements created a genuinely captivating atmosphere.


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