November 2020

Pilgrimspath Part 3

Pilgrimspath Part 3 – From Nieuwveen to Reeuwijk “En als ik dan mijn liedjes zing” Nieuwveen – Reeuwijk Day 3 of our Pilgrimage trail. We added another 15.5 miles (25 km). It was yet another beautiful day with spectacular views. Dikes, canals, and a lot of water To keep the “polders,” areas of former lakes […]

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Pilgrimspath part 2

Pilgrimspath Part 2 – From Schinkelbos to Nieuwveen “Dat is mijn liefste wens!” Schinkelbos to Nieuwveen This Thursday, we walked the second part of the Pelgrimspad trail from “Het Schinkelbos” to Nieuwveen, 15.47 miles (25km!). We experienced “real” Dutch weather with pouring rain, sunshine, and wind gusts. We also saw famous Dutch scenery with green

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Pilgrimspath part 1

Pilgrimspath Part 1 – From Amsterdam CS to Schinkelbos “Een frisse ochtendwandeling …” Amsterdam CS to Schinkelbos We started our pilgrimage, “The Pilgrims Path,” a 450 km long-distance walk from Amsterdam to Maastricht. We completed the first 18km walk through Amsterdam and the Amsterdamse Bos. I experience my homeland quite differently now after living for

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