Route 66 Magic: Amarillo's Sixth Street

A Nostalgic Journey on the Mother Road

We’ve been lucky enough to experience Route 66 in various forms—from the lively beginning in Chicago to the iconic ending at Santa Monica Pier in California. We even lived near “the mother road” in Plainfield, Illinois. But none of those places has this unique charm of stepping back in time as the Amarillo’s Sixth Street Historic District does.

A Living Time Capsule on Route 66

Walking out our front door, we were literally steps away from a 13-block historic wonderland. The Sixth Street Historic District is a living museum of Route 66 with vintage service stations, art galleries, charming shops, and beautiful murals! Time capsules from the roaring 1920s and 40s.

Amarillo's Route 66 Revival

Amarillo is embracing its Route 66 heritage. The district is undergoing a well-deserved makeover to become a tourist destination with visitors who will stay for a few days and support the local economy. Their timing to polish this gem and ensure this National Treasure continues to inspire and attract future generations couldn’t be better. In 2026, Route 66 will namely celebrate its 100th birthday!


Thursday, April 4, 2024


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