Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park - Day 3

We returned for a last visit to Mount Rainier National Park because hubby still wanted to hike up to Panorama Point over the snow-covered, steep Skyline Trail. I was still wondering if I would give it another try.

Nisqually Vista Trail

Yet, we started by hiking the Nisqually Vista Trail, which was only partly covered with snow. The 1.1-mile loop offered a stunning view of the Nisqually Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in the park. Walking through the snow this time wasn’t strenuous like on the slippery and steep Skyline Trail; still, the hike made clear I shouldn’t do the walk to Panorama Point.


After our hike together, we, therefore, went our separate ways. Hubby went up the mountain, and I stayed behind in Paradise to explore the area. The Paradise area is a National Historic Landmark, and it felt like I was stepping back in time seeing the rustic-style buildings.

Myrtle Falls Trail

I hiked to Myrtle Falls and walked close enough to a mama deer with her calves. Mama deer seemed to be used to humans and didn’t get startled. The trail was largely snow-free, and at the end, I got a magnificent view of the mountains all around. The meadows here were also blooming with little yellow flowers.


The Native Americans saw Mount Tahoma as “the source of nourishment from the many streams coming from the slopes.” A century ago, tourists visiting Mount Rainier sought “a renewal of spirit.”

This mesmerizing mountain just made me happy!


Wednesday, June 22, 2023


5.56 miles

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2:25:50 hours


68 °F, sunny